citizen's security, LLC

  Citizen's Security offers a wide variety service to our clients.

We've listed a few but feel free to contact us for inquiries for other related services.

Types of Services Offered

   Citizen's Security and Investigation, LLC has American Red Cross Instructors available to train and certify you and your love ones on Adult/Pediatric CPR, AED and First Aid. If you are interested in taking the course and would like more information please call 877-432-9888 ext. 3.

Security Escort

  • Personal Body Gaurd
  • Commercial Body Guard
  • Employee Escort
  • Teller Escort
  • Property Escort

Special Event

  • Wedding Security
  • Party Security
  • Concert Security
  • Commercial Event Security
  • Public Festival Security


  • Loss Prevention
  • Access Control
  • Prevent Property Damage
  • Escort Store Employees
  • Secure Company Property


  • Access Control
  • Safety Code Enforcement
  • Emergency Response
  • Escorting Guest
  • Theft Prevention


  • Prevent Loss of Materials and Equipment
  • Prevent and Stop Vandalism
  • Identify and Report Safety Hazards
  • Access Control
  • Report Work Related Injuries

Private and Government Housing

  • Enforcing Property Regulations
  • Crime Prevention
  • Addressing Noise Complaints
  • Removing Unwanted Personal
  • Addressing and reporting Safety Hazards