citizen's security, LLC

Greg R. Miller,

Founder and CEO for Citizen's Security & Investigation

   Greg Miller founded Citizen’s Security & Investigations in 2010. As a former Law Enforcement Officer, he has over 17 years of experience in the criminal justice field. He began his private investigative practice and later went on to market security services in 2013. Greg R. Miller is an Air Force Veteran and supported Operation Desert Storm. He holds a BA in Criminal Justice & Pre-Law Studies. In 2014, Matthew B. Price was brought on as a partner to build the best security firm in the state Indiana.

Mission Statement:

"To provide high quality security services in order to best protect liberty, lives, and property for our clients and community"

Matthew B. Price
Vice President & Director of Citizen’s Security

Matthew B. Price is a Shelburn Police Department Deputy Marshall and a retired US Army Staff Sergeant who served in the Iraq War. As an experienced combat leader, Price provides well trained Security Officers that meet any and all client needs.

citizen's security, LLC

Citizen's & Security & Investigation, LLC is a fully licensed and insured Security Company. The Company Headquarters is located in Terre Haute, IN with locations also in Lafayette, Bloomington, Indianapolis and various other areas of the State of Indiana. With extensive experience in Security and Law Enforcement, Citizen's Security and Investigation, LLC has become a major provider to the Security Industry, providing many different services to its clients.