Our Officers are trained to keep your homes and communities safe, secure, and peaceful.

Our Officers can receive training in CPR, First Aid, and Disability Sensitivity & Awareness to better serve you and your communities.

   Types of Residential Clients Serviced:

  • Gated Communities
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Government Housing
  • Hotel & Lodging Facilities


Serving St. Louis, Missouri and surrounding areas.

Serving all of Indiana with offices in Terre Haute, Lafayette, and Bloomington.

ARMED security


    As Officers, we take on a responsibility to protect life, liberty, and property. Our Officers received in depth firearms training in order to well equipped to fulfill this role.

 Officers are trained in active shooter response, armed self-defense, and shoot or don't shoot scenarios.

  We take great pride in our Officer's training and strive to provide fully skilled and equipped Officers to meet any client's needs. This, in our opinion, is what sets apart "Guards" and "Officers".

Off Duty LEO

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Disaster Relief

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​Mason Elliott is a Marine Veteran and has attended Trojan International Defense Group & Trojan Securities International Courses in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Mr. Elliott has certifications in the courses below as well as Armor Certifications for Mossberg Shotgun, Glock Semi Auto Pistol, M4/M16 Semi-Auto Rifle/Carbine and AK47 Semi-Auto Rifle/Carbine.

  • ​​NRA-Personal Protection Inside the Home
  • ​NRA-Advanced Personal Protection Outside of the Home
  • ​Advanced Urban Warfare & Special Operations Deployment (Executive Hostage Rescue)
  • ​Advanced Executive/Close Protection & Security Risk Management (Hostile Environments) ​

Executive Protection

We have several Off Duty Law Enforcement Officers including K9! Our K9 Handler Matthew Price attended American K9 Interdiction in Carrsville, Virginia where he obtained Reno. Reno is a full blooded German Shepard imported to the United States from Czechoslovakia. Mr. Price and Reno are trained and certified in the following:

  • Narcotics Detection
  • ​Tracking/Trailing
  • ​Article Finding


citizen's security, LLC

Our Officers have been dispatched to Orange, Texas to help provide security services during Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

Shortly after we sent over 40 Officers to Florida for Hurricane Irma. In Florida our Officers provided security in multiple locations from Miami, Florida to Vero Beach, Florida. 


Citizen's Security provides professional, courteous, and knowledgeable officers to meet any commercial needs. 

  Whether its loss prevention, access control, or property monitoring, we are will assist you in growing your business and give you peace of mind.

   Commercial Services Include:

  • Retail/Loss Prevention
  • Monitoring Construction Sites
  • Industrial Security
  • Protecting Agricultural Equipment.