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Commercial Security Guard Service is the most common need for physical security in the industry. Using technologies such as CCTV and alarm services alone have failed to stop losses to business simply because criminals no longer feel the need to avoid or hide from being detected. Nonetheless, criminals who see the physical presence of a uniformed Security Officer will still be more likely to avoid targeting the business and will simply move on.

Armed Security Officers are trained in accordance to St Louis County Police standards and have the lawful power to make an arrest the same as a police officer while on duty and working for the customer. Armed Security officers are trained and understand the critical importance not to use force unless it absolutely needed to protect life from physical harm.  Citizen's Security, LLC Security Officers while working in St Louis County have arrest powers and can effect an arrest of a criminal suspect when the Security Officer observes a crime committed in their presence. 


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The retail industry presents unique challenges for security and loss prevention. Losses to retail products can be very high and the need for loss prevention services is a must. Having CCTV systems alone will not be enough to stop theft. It is important to have loss prevention services to bring down the losses and resume having a better revenue stream. Call us and ask how we can help your bottom line.  

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Security Officers employed by Citizen's Security, LLC receive specialized  training with respect how to serve the property owner/manager and their tenants. Security Officers work closely with the property owner/manager and performs as an agent on their behalf by being their eyes and ears for the property. Security Officers and enforce lease policies and protect the property from loss. In addition, Security Officers understand the importance of having a good working relation with the property's tenant. 

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