Citizen's Security offers a wide variety service to our clients.

We've listed a few but feel free to contact us for inquiries for other related services.


  • Access Control
  • Safety Code Enforcement
  • Emergency Response
  • Escorting Guest
  • Theft Prevention

Types of Services Offered

Private and Government Housing

  • Enforcing Property Regulations
  • Crime Prevention
  • Addressing Noise Complaints
  • Removing Unwanted Personal
  • Addressing and reporting Safety Hazards


  • Prevent Loss of Materials and Equipment
  • Prevent and Stop Vandalism
  • Identify and Report Safety Hazards
  • Access Control
  • Report Work Related Injuries

citizen's security, LLC


  • Loss Prevention
  • Access Control
  • Prevent Property Damage
  • Escort Store Employees
  • Secure Company Property

Citizen's Security and Investigation, LLC has off duty Active Law Enforcement Officers that can provide a multitude of services as well as K9 for tracking and drug searches. 

Special Event

  • Wedding Security
  • Party Security
  • Concert Security
  • Commercial Event Security
  • Public Festival Security

Security Escort

  • Personal Body Gaurd
  • Commercial Body Guard
  • Employee Escort
  • Teller Escort
  • Property Escort